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Steve Hawkins has always had a passion to excel. From becoming one of the top trap shooter’s in the country to running an award-winning business, he’s always believed in pushing himself to reach the next level of success. This same burning drive is why more and more people looking for Alexandria VA homes for sale, Fairfax County Virginia real estate and Arlington VA real estate agents are turning to Steve to help them make the most of their real estate opportunities.

Fairfax County Virginia Real Estate and Alexandria VA Homes for Sale

Whether you’re buying or selling Alexandria, Arlington or Fairfax County Virginia real estate, you can count on Steve to always go the extra miles to ensure you reach your goals. With the heart of a champion and a competitive fire that drives him daily, Steve never stops until he’s helped you achieve the results you’re after when looking for Alexandria VA homes for sale. Contact Steve Hawkins, one of the best Arlington VA real estate agents, today and experience how his Drive to Excel will make your next move a complete success.

With His Sights Set on Becoming the Best
Steve Hawkins Is Reaching New Heights

What does it mean to have an inner fire or a competitive spirit? For some, life is all about having a laser focus on the Blue ribbon or the Winner’s Circle. Meet Steve Hawkins. Those who know him best might use these attributes to describe Steve. These intangible qualities might not be apparent upon first meeting Steve, though. After all, this dynamic businessman is warm, friendly and down to earth. So it’s unlikely for him to ever mention the large number of accolades he’s garnered both professionally and recreationally. But after learning of his successful track record or hearing him explain, “I don’t just compete for fun, I compete to win” you understand exactly what his competitive spirit is all about.

Practice Makes Perfect

Steve is the type of individual who just can’t sit still for long. He embodies a “work/play hard” mentality and firmly believes success in life is earned. So when he’s not busy helping his clients, he’s most likely training for a trap shooting competition. Whether he’s using a weighed shot gun to build shoulder strength down at the range or practicing eye-focusing and concentration drills at home, Steve continues to sharpen his skills and give himself the competitive edge. And considering he’s earned All-American status five times (ranked in the top 30 out of 100,000 registered trap shooters), it’s clear he has a knack for accomplishing his goals.

Track Record Of Success

Born and raised in Virginia, Steve has built a strong competitive track record over the years. A passion of his youth was drag racing and in 1964 Steve won the D-stock Maryland state championship and followed up in 1966 with AA/sports production championship.

After retiring from drag racing, Steve Delved into Bird Dog/ Field Trials and has a prize-winning dog that accumulated 109 wins – which at the time was a national record.

Sam is Steve’s record holding English Pointer.

Top of His Class

Perhaps what’s even more remarkable bout the feats Steve has accomplished is that he did them "on the side" while building a thriving career as a businessman. But that’s just Steve. He puts the same amount of effort on being the best in his career as he does in his recreational competitions. So it’s not surprising that his business was repeatedly ranked #1 in the state by a leading consumer magazine.

The Heart of A Champion

Steve is passionate about life in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax and uses his knowledge of area to help you make the most of you move.

Indeed, the self-discipline, dedication and drive he has used to propel himself to the Winner’s Circle time and time again, are the very same qualities that have allowed him to become one of the most respected Arlington VA real estate agents specializing not only in Arlington real estate, but also in Alexandria VA homes for sale and Fairfax County Virginia real estate. While trap shooting or drag racing may seem like worlds away from his career in real estate, Steve will tell you that being the best at what your do starts with the right mindset. “Whether it’s life, real estate or beating a personal record in a trap shooting event, success comes down to preparation and drive,” he explains. With numerous awards and a growing list of satisfied clients, it’s clear that Steve speaks from experience.

The Thrill of Victory

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you can always count on Steve to go the distance to help you reach your goals. Blending his self-motivation and competitive nature with his genuine ability to listen and his love of helping people, he is uniquely qualified to help you make the most or your Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax County Virginia real estate opportunities. For him, the challenge of fulfilling his clients’ important investment needs drives him to be the best that he can be.

When you are in the market to sell or purchase Alexandria VA homes for sale, condos in Arlington VA or Fairfax County Virginia real estate, turn to Steve Hawkins for a consummate professional who has a passion to make it happen for you. He’s one of the best Arlington VA real estate agents who is Driven to Excel and has the ability to take your real estate goals the entire distance, to a successful completion.

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