How to Dress Your House for Sale Success


You know the old saying: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  The same is true when selling your house. Not all sellers stage their homes, especially in the lower price ranges, so you’ll be at an advantage if you do.


Why Home Staging Is Important

Home staging is beneficial because potential buyers don’t want to see the work that needs to be done upon moving into to their new home.  Potential buyers are not just looking for a house, they are looking for a home to fulfill their dreams and improve their lifestyle.


Start Outside

Your homes exterior will be the first impression buyers get on your home. Clean up the yard. Make sure you have mowed and trimmed the bushes. If you can, power wash the outside of the home and clean the windows. Creating some sort of outdoor living space in the backyard with deck or patio furniture is another way to showcase the advantages of your home.


Conquer Clutter

It sounds like a daunting task but if you take it one room at a time it is manageable and well worth the work.  You want to show all the potential of your home.  Get rid of the things that haven’t been used in the last three months.  If you simply can’t get rid of something put it in storage until you move. Don’t forget that too much furniture can be a distraction as well. Remind yourself that every square foot you free up is prime real estate.


Let The Sun Shine In

Natural light is a plus and can make a closed-in space seem larger.  Get rid of heavy drapery and replace it with a sheer curtain.  The sheer curtain provides a little bit of privacy but will still allow for the natural light to come in. 


Fresh Coat Of Paint

It’s unlikely that a potential buyer will have the same wallpaper or paint taste that you have. Your best bet is to repaint the walls a neutral color.  These days, neutral goes beyond beige to include a range of colors from warm tans to soft blue-greens. You can add a touch of style with throw pillows or a framed painting on the wall.


Last Touches

To make sure that your staging efforts don’t go unnoticed add a few last minute touches with fresh flowers or a pleasant scent. The bottom line is that you want to emphasize your homes best features. Overall, to get the most bang for your buck you want to appeal to a wide range of buyers.


If you are thinking of selling your home feel free to contact me so that I may recommend additional steps to ensure your home is in prime condition when you put it on the market.  Call me at 703-909-3939 or email today.